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Maria del Pilar Tormo MS CCC SLP, founder and owner of SLP Miami Therapy, Inc. has devoted her professional life to work with children in the field of pediatric Speech and Language rehabilitation.

Ideal environment and resources

We have the ideal environment to treat your children and the best tools.

Insurance Accepted

Medicaid: Children's Medical Services, Amerihealth-Caritas. - Private insurance: OSCAR Insurance, Friday Health Plan (coming soon). No insurance? No problem, we work a payment plan to fit your needs and possibilities.
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Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?


The communication between the baby and his mother or family starts a lot earlier than the first words. Crying, smiling, gestures, eye contact, pointing, etc. are communication attempts that will later turn into sounds, words, phrases and whole sentences. Knowing the child development and milestones deadlines is basic to determine if a child is showing a delay in his communication skills. The receptive language skills are the ones that relate to understanding spoken language, following directions, responding to his name, etc. The expressive language skills are the ones that involve the child's production of gestures, sounds, words and phrases with a communication intent.

Improve "Pragmatic" Language

Some children may have excellent pronunciation and may even be early readers, but they may need speech therapy to improve "pragmatic" language, or the process of using verbal and body language appropriately in social situations for everyday purposes such as making requests, having conversations, and making friends.

Medical Conditions

Some medical conditions affect language and speech development. Some of these conditions include: brain injury or infections, some cases of prematurity, conditions involving the skull development, autism, ADHD, Apraxia, Aphasia, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, varied genetic disorders; and other problems like stuttering and voice disorders..

How long?

Services often begin at a young age and continue as children enter school and start to communicate with written language.


Hablar de SLP Miami Therapy es facil. Un centro que recomiendo al 100%. Mi hijo viene a este centro y ha avanzado mucho, las terapistas tienen mucha paciencia y sobre todo mucha experiencia. Para mi el mejor lugar.
Mamá de Christopher
SLP Miami Therapy de Maria del Pilar es un excelente lugar donde mi hija Melanie recibe sus terapias y ha avanzado mucho, es un lugar bonito, ahi mi hija aprende mucho, las terapistas son muy buenas y estoy muy contenta con todo lo que aprende aquí. Sin duda se lo recomendaría a cualquier persona.
Mamá de Melanie