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Maria del Pilar Tormo MS CCC SLP /Owner

Short Info

Founder and owner of SLP Miami Therapy, Inc. has devoted her professional life to work with children in the field of pediatric Speech and Language rehabilitation for over 25 years. During this time, she has worked in three different countries: Peru, where she initiated her successful career and acquired pedagogic skills; Venezuela, where she perfected and became familiar with the clinical aspects of the Early Intervention and pediatric rehabilitation; New York and Miami (USA) where she was able to apply all her training and experience in bilingual environments and became board certified and obtained her Certification of Clinical Competence with the American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA). Additionally, Maria del Pilar is board certified by the Florida Department of Health, She holds a certification in Autism and certification on PROMPT.

Maria del Pilar is also professional practice supervisor for students from Florida International University, Nova University, ALBIZU University, Emerson University and New York University.

  • Position: Owner
  • Experience: 25 years

Our Mission

In SLP Miami Therapy, we believe that a child responds better and faster when he is seen and treated in an integral fashion. For that reason we coordinate our efforts and knowledge (Speech/language pathologists and Occupational therapists) to boost the child's development in all his developmental areas: communication, social-emotional, motor, cognitive, adaptive and behavior. The first few minutes of the therapy session is spent in the Occupational Therapy mini gym. At the gym the children improve their muscular tone, posture, sensory integration, global motor planning and then are ready for an individualized speech and language successful session, or a specialized occupational therapy session. We believe that the Brain circuits, which create the foundation for learning, behavior and health, are most flexible or "plastic" during the first three years of life. Over time, they become increasingly difficult to change. The Early Intervention is based on this principle.